Lawn & Disorder
Comedy from the Suburbs
Karen Morgan & Jim Colliton

The Performance

Say hello to a couple of very intelligent parents (not of the same children, not spouses, not even from the same town) who are responsible grown-ups trapped inside two brilliant comedians’ bodies. Or maybe it’s the reverse.

When Karen Morgan & Jim Colliton take the stage, there’s no one who won’t relate. It’s a show about life as we know it in the suburbs of America. And yes, they’re gonna talk about their spouses, their children, their neighbors, their parents, And after you hear about what goes on in their neighborhoods, you may want to go home and take a closer look at your own cause there are some kicks and giggles you may not have quite discovered yet! The show includes a Q&A with questions submitted on cards by the audience, and there’s a live participation game-show section that will become the talk of the town.

Jim & Karen are comedy headliners who are as personally engaging and endearing as they are outlandishly funny, as utterly real and honest as they are sharp and keenly observant. It’s a show that exhibits the real “art” of what makes good comedy so satisfying. And it’s done without going over the edge of general audience appropriateness, and without resorting to hurtful insults or questionable language.

Karen Morgan is a former trial attorney in Georgia who just found her married life to be too funny to keep hidden away daily in a dour courtroom. She decided to give stand-up a try and ended up among the finalists on Nick at Nite’s “Funniest Mom in America.” Jim Colliton goes through his daily family chores with the lawnmower and recycling carts from his home near Boston. His first TV appearances came on “Next Big Star” and he has appeared with Patti LaBelle, Kenny Rogers and the Beach Boys. His “Stories from the Suburbs” was named JPF’s Best Comedy Album of the Year. He and Karen are frequently heard on Sirius XM and have become corporate keynote favorites across the US.

"As professional comedians, we know firsthand that the greatest comedic material comes from real life. What are trials and tribulations of everyday life to most people become fodder for our humor. Our show allows the audience to laugh and let go because they relate to the shared experience. This show came about because we were both traveling the country as solo artists making people laugh at stories about our families and lives in the suburbs. We quickly found that by joining together we were able to bring both perspectives of marriage and parenting to the audience. It has been successful because it gives everyone permission to laugh at their own circumstances. And we are all better for it…"  Karen & Jim 

In a Word…

"This is comedy through the perceptive eye of a loving wife and mother, prepared with the tenacity of an attorney, and tempered with a dash of Southern charm... Karen Morgan hits home for men and women alike." Bill Taylor, NBC

"Jim Colliton is no Carrot Top, but then again you don't have to be when you expertly deliver very funny, well crafted jokes that connect with just about everybody. Jim is a great comic and XM's listeners agree." 
Joel Haas, Comedy Director, XM Satellite Radio

"Grab your diaper bag! Karen Morgan is about to make you pee your grown-up pants!" Jeff Inglis, Managing Editor, Portland Phoenix

" marriage therapy, only cheaper...and much funnier!" Clark Center for the Performing Arts, Arroyo Grande, CA

"We're not parents yet. And after this show we may never be." Cape Codder Resort, Hyannis, MA

"Jim Colliton is one of the rising stars to keep a look out for when he comes to town."
 Las Vegas Entertainment Today

"Colliton is known as one of the nicest guys in Boston comedy and one of the cleanest acts around..."
 Boston Globe

"…instantly had the crowds in stitches and set a positive tone for our two-day event. From relating to everyday office occurrences to everyday life, Jim's comedy was perfect for our corporate audience." A. Maneikis, Pepsi Bottling Group

"Karen Morgan believes in the adage 'laughter is the best medicine' and dispenses her own brand (without a prescription) wherever she goes." Michele Johns, Executive Director, Cancer Community Center

A Presenter's Point of View

"With changing times and such a broad palate of tone in touring comedy, it’s difficult for a presenter to find that balance between 'safe' language and topics — and still a sharp, with-it humor that’s wildly funny and relatable. Karen Morgan & Jim Colliton have that magic combination in the bag. 'Lawn & Disorder' is wall-to-wall laughter and fun -- and the game show with the audience members is brilliant. Their show is perfectly placed on the theatre comedy spectrum. Presenters don’t have to stress on whether someone in their audience will be offended at the tone of humor or language being used. Karen & Jim’s show brought lots of laughter and lots of patrons to our theatre. They’re the total package –and it's a fun-filled, worry-free experience from start to finish from both sides of the curtain."
Michael Tobin, The Footlights, Falmouth, ME

"I can't thank you enough for bringing your outstanding show to the Heider Center. We loved having you and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Everything was better than expected, and when I book performances, I expect the best. Both of you were such a pleasure to work with, and your material was wonderfully funny, poignant and relevant to just about everyone. Thank you for such a great night of comedy! You Will Be Back! As I told Karen that night — we were SUPER scared, as comedy just did not work before. Simply too many "issues" that fall on one side of the aisle or the other. I am HAPPY to say that Karen and Jim did not disappoint, and it was a GREAT event!”
Dan Heerts, Arts Director
The Heider Center for the Arts, West Salem, WI

Live Performance Preview